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Our Story...

Tim's Family, dark trees

Hello everyone, I am Tim Armstrong, Founder and Operator of The Hybrid Chef located in Jupiter, Florida.  My wife and I brought our two young children to Abacoa over 10 years ago, and we are proud to call it home. 

"The Hybrid Chef's Family. From the left-Nathan, Danielle, Tim and Amelia"

Before arriving back in 2009, our journey together started in New York City, where we met in the first restaurant I worked in after graduating with honors from The Culinary Institute of America.  Lucky for me, she was a starving artist looking to making ends meet while working on her modern dance career.

Tim Cooking

After 4 ½ years in New York City, working as a sous chef at Lenox Room, Petrossian and Blue Fin, it was time to move away from the culinary capital of the world and focus on starting a family.

Lenox Room, New York City, 1999, first job out of The Culinary Institute of America. If you enjoy my food, this place, and Chef David Cunningham, get the most credit for helping me develop my palate.

Tim cooking

Moving just over the state line into Connecticut, I took my first Executive Chef position, working under Celebrity Chef Michael Lomonaco of Windows on the World.  Other stops in my culinary path included restaurant consultation and running other kitchens in Charleston, South Carolina and the West Palm Beach area.

The first academy cooking class, working in the home of the Academy Director.

As my kids were beginning to grow up and get involved with sports and other school activities, I realized my career needed to change if I wanted to see their milestones as they grew.  Seeing there was a need that could be filled while at the soccer fields, an idea was born.  The Hybrid Chef began to grow into a meal prep & delivery company that also offers private and personal chef services, in-home dining, corporate catering and culinary education.

Pat and I, back to back


The Hybrid Chef's original plan of providing meals to hungry, busy families in the youth sports world was only the stepping stone to get us where we are today. Our meal prep & delivery service first expanded menus, then expanded delivery areas.  Now we have multiple drivers out at the same time.  

We expanded into providing in-home dining, private parties and corporate functions.

We have catered:

  • Baby showers

  • 1st, 35th, 50th, 70th and 90th birthday parties

  • Engagement parties 

  • A wedding for 175

  • 50th wedding anniversaries 

We have put together 7-course wine dinners, hors d'oeuvres parties, New Year's Eve and 4th of July parties.  Since we are finding it harder and harder to find events that we haven't been a part of, we have decided to expand our offerings even further. 

Kitchen Day 1.jpg

Now open for operations is The Hybrid Chef Culinary Center, designed as the headquarters of our operation.  Here we prepare all of our meals for delivery, our raw dog food line, prep for all corporate and in-home dining functions, as well as offer the space for private events and intimate dinners.  Look for Taco Tuesday, Kids and Couples Cooking Classes, Chop & Sip and other special events all in the same space!

Give us a call and we can prepare dog food for your most trusted 4-legged friends.  The benefits of raw dog food are endless including allergy control, weight control, a great looking coat, healthy teeth & gums, and smaller, much firmer feces due to the elimination of all of the 'fill' in kibble


Contact us today to start your order!

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What to learn more about how Chef Tim Armstrong got to where is today in his own words?
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