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Welcome to the The Hybrid Chef

The Hybrid Chef is a local business owned and operated by a Chef who happens to have a family that is always on the run. After spending a few years running two kids to and from soccer practice, dance rehearsal and tutoring, sometimes all in the same day, I decided it was time to try to put some sanity back into our lives.

When I grew up, dinner was very orderly, but up until 2 years ago, it never seemed possible. With 2 working parents, and kids that liked to be involved in everything, dinner time became a game of how fast can we eat so that we can do everything else we have to do. And that was the easiest part of the equation. We also had to figure out when we were going to do the shopping, who was going to cook it, then there were dishes that weren’t going to do themselves.

I knew from talking to other parents on the run that this was a big issue in the lives of most people our age. Through the urging of my biggest fan-my wife, I decided to try to do something that would help the everyday families in and around our community.

Now, The Hybrid Chef offers 20 different menu items that change every week. We also offer in-home private dining services, cater office parties, provide corporate and pharmaceutical catering, teach cooking classes and offer personal chef services.


Coming Soon…

The Hybrid Chef will be opening a retail location!

1056 Community Drive
Jupiter, FL 33458
(561) 247-7073